If you’re arriving at the Philadelphia International Airport:

Shuttle Service

There are several shuttle bus services at the airport that will drop you off at the address you request. 

  1. After claiming your baggage, go to the Ground Transportation Information desk located in each baggage claim area.
  2. The Ground Transportation Information Representative can provide you with a list of available shuttle services.
  3. They will alert you once your shuttle arrives.
  4. Give the driver your address (make sure you know which College House you’ve been assigned to) and pay upon arrival at the final destination

Taxi Services

There is a $28.50 flat rate for a taxi from the airport to the Central Philadelphia area, which includes University City. Please also account for tips when paying, as it is customary in the US to tip approximately 15% of the fare (a little over $4 in this case), depending on the speed of the trip and whether or not the driver assists you with your luggage.

If you’re arriving at the John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), NY and traveling by road to Philadelphia:

Dave’s Best Limo

Dave’s Limo service is an airport shuttle service the covers Philadelphia, Newark, and JFK.

This is the information for airport pickup from JFK:

JFK and Newark:
Please call 800-255-2378 or go to the Ground Transportation desk and dial 23 from the phone, to connect with the JFK Newark dispatcher.

Dave’s Limo provides door-to-door service.

Super Trans provides door-to-door service between Philadelphia and JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia Airports.

Note that there also other shuttle service alternatives that you can find online.