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  1. Enjoy your time at home!
  2. Spend quality time with your friends and family at home! You will miss them. 
  3. Eat a lot of home food!
  4. Learn something new for the summer!
  5. Bring a lot of winter clothes! It gets really cold here. 
  6. Bring a travel adaptor for your appliances from home.
  7. Order bedding/essentials online if you’re traveling alone. It gets shipped to your dorm! Or alternatively, sign up for our target trip during NSO!
  8. If you are considering buying round trip flight tickets, you might want to purchase for the day after exam period in December or wait till you have the syllabus to know exactly when your last exam is
  9. Buy a cheap version of the textbook for your class from your home country.
  10. Don't buy expensive textbooks! You can probably get the from upperclassmen or your professor may not even use them (even if it says it is required).
  11. Don’t be too stressed about advanced registration. If you miss it, you can simply register for courses when school starts! There are people who even change all the courses they have registered through advanced registration. 
  12. If you have questions about clubs, reach out to us! We can direct you to different groups.
  13. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. 
  14. Reach out to your mentors.
  15. There a lot of facebook groups for buying and selling things second hand - don't worry about buying everything you need new.