All incoming freshmen are required to live on-campus because of the convenience and safety of campus housing. Penn has a system of college houses and each house fosters a very warm and welcoming sense of community. The four most popular freshman houses are:

  • Quadrangle (made up of Fisher Hassenfeld, Riepe, and Ware)
  • Kings Court English College House
  • New College House
  • Hill College House

The other college houses that are open to freshmen are Stouffer, Gregory, W. E. B. Dubois, and Harrison (only members of the Freshman Experience Program can live in Harrison). Each college house also offers residential programs (for instance, the Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship program in Ware and the Freshman Experience program in Harrison), which freshmen can apply to. Students admitted to a program live together (on the same floor) with people of similar interests. The housing application is available online from your Applicant Portal starting April 1. For more information on housing options for incoming freshman, refer to the Penn Residential Services Website.

Note: An important factor to consider in your decision is that all the College Houses with the exception of the high rises (Harnwell, Harrison, and Rodin) are closed over Winter Break. If you live in one of the other houses and expect to stay in the US over winter break, you will need to find a host to stay with for the duration of the break. All houses are closed over the summer. AIS, however, does run a Winter Housing Program, offering a limited amount of housing that international students can apply for over the Winter Break.