1. Submit funding request on the Common Funding App

    1. Select AIS as (one of) the Funder(s)

    2. Read the funding sources guidelines (post link once updated)

  2. Expect to receive a funding decision within a week

  3. Attach AIS logo on all promotional material

  4. Email AIS VP Internal ( for assistance with marketing

-------------POST EVENT-------------

  1. Send receipts to AIS VP Finance (

  2. Submit your expenses for reimbursement on Concur

    1. Contact your club’s financial advisor for assistance with setting this up

    2. Mention the name of your group, name of activity, dates, location and funding source (AIS), describe the purpose of the activity and how many people attended the event.

  3. Expect to be reimbursed within two weeks.

*Contact AIS VP Finance ( with any queries