AIS 2019 Board


Eva Zhang, President

Eva is a junior studying Business Analytics and International Relations; she also has a minor in Art History, which she may or may not be able to finish. Born and raised in Beijing, she spent a few years in Connecticut before coming to Penn. Outside of AIS, Eva is in Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority and is a teaching assistant. In the past, she was also very involved in the International Affairs Association and Wharton China Association. Besides traveling and exploring different cultures, Eva loves horseback riding and checking out art galleries. You can often find her walking back home for a midday nap or searching for cute coffee shops to study in. .


Wendy Qian, Executive Vice President

Wendy is a Sophomore majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and Fine Arts. Although she was born and raised in Shanghai, she is a citizen of the beautiful little red dot, Singapore (where she lived when she was one years old and where she spent her middle school years). Outside of AIS, Wendy is the Social Media Co-chair for Penn Fashion Week. Besides staying in Addams hall til late night to work on a painting, you might find her cooking at home (with Justine) or exploring new places in the city.

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Justine de Jesus, Internal Vice President

Justine is a sophomore studying Cognitive Neuroscience and Visual Studies (and with enough luck, will graduate with a Consumer Psychology minor). Born and bred in Asia, Justine is a proud Filipina who calls Singapore her second home. Besides baking for AIS meetings, Justine channels her love for food into Penn Appetit, serving as their Photo Director. If you wake up early enough, you might catch her working in her natural habitat, United by Blue. If not in some cafe downing cups (yes, plural) of coffee, you might find Justine sweating it out at Pottruck or conquering the Philly food scene.


Eric Wang,

Vice President of Finance

Eric is a sophomore in Wharton and the College, planning to major in Architecture and Real Estate. Although he grew up in Shanghai, he still has to go through the China Customs as a foreigner because he was born in New York. Eric had attended boarding school in America since the age of twelve and has traveled to twenty countries. In addition to traveling, he loves to eat, sleep, travel, paint, and dance. His proudest accomplishment is to finish two full series of a TV show during finals.


Vanessa Dib,

Vice President of Communications &

Freshman Representative

Vanessa is a freshmen planning to major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, then lived in Beijing, China for six years. Later on, moved back to Toronto, Canada. Outside of AIS, Vanessa is on the varsity women’s fencing team. During her spare time, you will find her in van pelt or United by Blue with a cup of matcha green tea latte or exploring the city to find coffee shops to study at


Raghav Chaturvedi,
A&E Chair

Raghav is a sophomore studying Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Finance, and he is the new Chair of Alumni and Employment Committee. He was born and brought up in Mumbai, India where he pursued education at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School. Raghav loves travelling to different countries and enjoys learning about multifarious cultures throughout the world. He is immersed in sports such as cricket and soccer (English football!), which he loves to play and watch regularly. Outside the AIS, Raghav is chairing The Startup School, YouthHack and is an integral part of the Admissions Dean's Advisory Board. During his spare time, Raghav likes to watch movies and listen to songs, especially when it comes to Bollywood.


Justin Zheng,

Vice President of Marketing &

Freshman Representative

Justin is a freshman studying in Wharton and intending to concentrate in finance (so original right?). He is born and raised in Tampere, Finland but has also spent some time living in Hong Kong because of his family. Although he doesn’t look traditionally Finnish, you can recognise his European tendencies from his social awkwardness, sarcastic humour and aversion of spicy food. Outside of AIS, Justin is part of Wharton Europe, Wharton GRC, HKSA and EPC. You can often find him hibernating in his room or at Pottruck trying to be cool.


Efe Ayhan,

A&E Vice Chair

Efe is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Economics. He was born in Izmir and brought up in Istanbul, Turkey. Although Penn is his first long-term international experience, he has travelled a fair bit and loves exploring new places and cultures. Outside of AIS, he is involved with International Student Advisory Board, Penn Aerospace Club and the Daily Pennsylvanian. He also TA’s CIS 110, and pursues research in computer science. He enjoys playing and watching soccer, and is a passionate windsurfer. He likes watching movies and stand-up comedy, and proudly prefers tea over coffee.


Hugo Leo,

IMO Chair

Hugo is a freshman planning to major in International Relations in the College. He was born in Singapore but was raised in the bustling city of Jakarta, Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world. Outside AIS, Hugo is involved in Penn Microfinance, Wharton Global Research and Consulting, and Penncasila, Penn’s Indonesian students group. Hugo also enjoys playing volleyball, watching the English Premier League, and promoting Indomie among his friends. Outside of classes, you’re likely to find him crashing into a random coffee shop in center city to study in, or playing basketball in Pottruck.


Kayla He,

IMO Vice Chair

Kayla is a junior transfer student studying Communications and Public Policy at Penn. Kayla was born and raised in China. Before coming to Penn, Kayla was studying at UCLA where she learned how to drink coffee like it was the last day of her life and she called herself 30 under 30 the most aggressive coffee drinker. Outside of AIS, Kayla is part of Penn Undergraduate Assembly and United Minorities Council. In her actual real life, Kayla likes getting hot pot and extra spicy food.


Birsu Bac,

Social Chair

Birsu Baç is a sophomore from Istanbul, Turkey. Born in Philadelphia and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, she plans to study biology and economics with a french minor at Penn. She loves animals, especially cats, so you will probably find her petting a dog or cooing over a squirrel on campus. Aside from AIS, she is in Disney A-Cappella, a research assistant at Gregory labs, and an economics tutor. You can often find her in Fisher Fine Arts library cramming the night before for her exams or feasting with her friends at Dim Sum House.


Candice Li,

Social Vice Chair

Candy is a Freshman majoring in Communications (HIGHLY subject to change). Hailing from the futuristic Shenzhen, China, she went to high school in the beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada, before being educated by the overwhelming American culture at Penn. Outside of AIS, Candy is a research assistant, is involved in Student Federal Credit Union and TableTalk. Other than traveling, Candy prides herself in being a morning riser and an aggressive napper. You will find her either actively finding the next best pasta spot or at Sweetgreen.