AIS 2018 Board


Neeraj Chandrasekar,  President


Neeraj is a senior in Wharton studying Finance and Business Analytics. Although he was born in Chennai, India, Neeraj spent most of his childhood in Bahrain, and went to high school in Qatar and Singapore, where he currently lives. Outside of AIS, Neeraj is involved in Penn Microfinance and 180 Degrees Consulting. He also enjoys playing tennis and exploring the city. In love with dosa, Neeraj will be eternally in debt to anyone who can find him a good South Indian restaurant in Philly.

Eva Zhang, Executive Vice President

Eva is a junior studying International Relations and Business Analytics; she also has a minor in the History of Art, which she may or may not be able to finish. Born and raised in Beijing, she attended high school in Connecticut. Outside of AIS, Eva is involved in the International Affairs Association and Wharton China Association. Besides traveling and exploring different cultures, Eva loves horseback riding, checking out art galleries, and she is forever in search of cute coffee shops.


Shruti Keoliya, Internal Vice President

Shruti is junior studying Computer Science and Business Analytics. She was born in Nagpur and raised in Calcutta in India. Outside of AIS, she’s involved with Student Federal Credit Union, Penn Microfinance, Penn India Association and Wharton Management Club. Her life was changed by the advent of memes and when not perusing through the vast repository of relatable memes for teens, she can be found enjoying coffee or movies. A foodie at heart, she swears by her mom’s rajma-chawal and halwa.


Harshil Shah,        Vice President of Finance

Harshil is a junior in Wharton studying Business Analytics and Environmental Management and Policy. He was born in Bangalore, India (and, as such, resonates deeply with Neeraj’s love of dosas) but grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition to AIS, Harshil is a writer for Penn Sustainability Review and is involved in Wharton Undergraduate Energy Group and Zmartar, an IoT startup. He also enjoys extreme sports, playing and watching soccer, and having philosophical conversations that culminate in nihilism.


Lucy Hu,              Vice President of Communications

Lucy is a junmior in the College majoring in Political Science and minoring in Survey Research and Data Analytics. She is from Auckland, New Zealand, where sheep outnumber people nine to one, and there is a government-recognized Official Wizard of New Zealand. Outside of AIS, Lucy delivers spicy takes as an opinion writer for The Daily Pennsylvanian, and also works on its social media team. She enjoys political banter, warm and humid weather, Marmite, tennis, and meme-ology.




Akmaral Janat,      A&E Chair

Akmaral, commonly known as Aqua among her friends, is a junior studying Mathematical Economics and Computer Science, and she is the new Chair of Alumni and Employment Committee. She has recently acquired the title of “Fake International” due to her naturalization. However, she claims that her internationality is still legit because she has lived in Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Norway for more than 15 years. Outside the AIS, Aqua is part of the Student Federal Credit Union and works at a local healthcare NGO. During her spare time, Aqua likes to watch movies, run, ski and travel around the world.


Eric Wang,              Vice President of Marketing

Eric is a sophomore in Wharton and the College, planning to major in Architecture and Real Estate. Although he grew up in Shanghai, he still has to go through the China Customs as a foreigner because he was born in New York. Eric had attended boarding school in America since the age of twelve and has traveled to twenty countries. In addition to traveling, he loves to eat, sleep, paint, and dance. On campus, he is a member of Strictly Funk, a hip hop and contemporary dance company. His proudest accomplishment is to finish two full series of a TV show during finals.


Deniz Kecik,     A&E Vice Chair

Deniz is a junior from Istanbul, Turkey majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Statistics. Although she is from Turkey, she never went to a Turkish school: her elementary school was an American one, and her high school was a German High School. When she’s not trying to finish a CIS homework before the deadline, you can find her trying out new restaurants in center city or taking photos. Besides that she enjoys web design, watching shows & movies and running(more like walking). She is also involved in Dining Philosophers Jobs & Employment Committee and she teaches middle school students in West Philly how to program.


Khizrah Naveed, IMO Chair

Khizrah Naveed is a junior in the College majoring in Mathematical Economics and possibly minoring in Chemistry and/or Data Science. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan but later moved to the city of Lahore when she was 10 years old and lived there until coming to Penn. On campus, in addition to AIS, Khizrah also currently serves as a board member of the Penn Pakistan Society and can often be found playing rugby at Penn Park with the Penn Women’s Rugby Team. She is also really into anime and manga but thankfully limitations on time due to college commitments have toned down her obsession.

Justine de Jesus, IMO Vice Chair

Justine is a sophomore in the College planning on majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior with a minor in Consumer Psychology. Born and bred in Asia, Justine is originally from the beautiful Philippines but spent most of her life growing up in the (equally beautiful) little red dot, Singapore. Outside of AIS, Justine’s passion for all things food has led her to joining Penn Appetit as both a photographer and Digital Content Director. If not tucked away in some cafe downing cups of coffee, you will often find Justine with her head buried in her sketchbook, playing around with her camera, or bookmarking Tasty recipes that she will (one day!!!) attempt.


Wendy Qian,        Social Chair

Wendy is a sophomore in the College planning on majoring Philosophy, Politics and Economics and possibly a minor in Fine Arts. She is originally from Singapore but spent the majority of her life living in Shanghai. In addition to AIS, Wendy is a photographer and content editor for Penn Beauty. She enjoys visiting art galleries, binge watching TV shows and travelling to new places.


Musa Isani,        Freshman Representative    (2017-18)


Musa is a sophomore in the college currently majoring in Economics with the possibility of a dual major with Finance. He was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan and was last year’s only AIS Freshman Representative. He is also involved with IMO in AIS. Musa is also involved with the Penn Pakistan Society and is passionate about cricket, politics and journalism. He continues his hobby of sports journalism by continuing to write for Pakistani newspapers. He also loves travelling, especially when he doesn’t have to worry about any extra security checks.


Chae Hahn,        Social Vice Chair

Chae is a sophomore in the College planning on majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and possibly minoring in Consumer Psychology. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, she attended high school in New Hampshire. Outside of AIS, Chae is a reporter for the Daily Pennsylvanian and is involved in the 34th Street marketing team. She loves traveling, watching musicals, trying different restaurants, but above all, napping.