Since you have decided that you are going to study in US, it is a good idea to open a US bank account! When going to get your bank account, make sure to bring your passport, Penn ID, I-20, and acceptance letter with you.

Also note that banks and phone providers will attend the Campus Express fair during ISO and NSO.

Here are some banks that are located near campus:

Bank of America, 3925 Walnut Street, “Our purpose is to help improve the financial lives of our customers and clients through the power of every connection. How will we know when we’ve achieved that? When our customers and clients tell us we have”

Wells Fargo Bank, 3431 Chestnut Street, “We want to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially. It is just as relevant today as when it was written more than 20 years ago.”

TD Bank, 3735 Walnut Street,”TD Bank is one of the 10 largest banks in the U.S. But we’re not like other banks. We’re open early, open late and we’re even open weekends. We have FREE customer coin. We let people keep our pens. And we even have dog biscuits for our four-legged guests. We work hard to create the best experience for our customers. That’s what it means to Bank HumanTM. That’s what it means to be America’s Most Convenient Bank®.”

PNC Bank, 3535 Market Street or 200 South 40th Street, “For more than 160 years, PNC has been committed to providing our clients with great service and powerful financial expertise to help them meet their financial goals. We are proud of our longstanding history of supporting not only our customers but also our communities, employees and shareholders.”

Citizens Bank, 134 South 34th Street, “Our goal is simple. Deliver the best possiblebanking experience so our customers and clients can better manage their finances.”

UPenn SFCU, 3401 Walnut Street, “The Student Federal Credit Union (SFCU) is the first and only student-run credit union in the Ivy League, and exclusively serves the community of the University of Pennsylvania. Founded in 1987 by three Wharton MBA students, the SFCU has been providing Penn students with secure, efficient, and convenient financial services for over 27 years.”